Corporate Social Responsibility

The morgan & co Art Competition

Since the year of incorporation, Morgan&Co has committed to run an artwork competition as part of its CSR initiatives which gives an opportunity of exposure to young upcoming artists through various art mediums. Due to the lack of support for many artists across the country Morgan & Co resolved to make the competition an annual event with variations on the theme year on year. Morgan & Co intends to promote young and upcoming artists by giving them the opportunity to expose their work through exhibitions held in professional spaces, to network and forge relationships with established artists and encourage sustainable livelihoods. The winners will also benefit financially as their work may be purchased by Morgan & Co and any other willing buyers.
To date Morgan & Co has hosted and sponsored 3 competitions in total.

1) Let The Lion In You Roar – 2018

2) Smiling Through Adversity – 2019

3) Masked – 2021

4) Signs of the Times – 2023

The Morgan & Co Pad Drive in Partnership with the Period company.

Morgan & Co decided to take part in the “Step Up Action and Investment in Menstrual Hygiene Now”, a theme set up by UNICEF to raise global awareness of the challenges face by many women and girls every day by sponsoring and assisting the Period Company in the fight against Period Poverty in Zimbabwe. Menstruation is a natural and routine part of life, but in Zimbabwe it is accompanied by shame, fear and cultural barriers. Without education from parents and teachers, girls often begin their period in isolation, without any understanding of what is happening to their bodies.

Morgan & Co and The Period company conducted an outreach programme in Chimanimani, mainly targeting areas that were badly affected by Cyclone Idai. The goal was to distribute menstrual cups, reusable pads and basic sanitary wear as well as provide hygiene and investor education. Morgan & Co successfully managed to assist a total of 750 girls and women.

The Morgan & Co Investment Challenge

In line with broader financial inclusion goals, Morgan & Co is committed to raising and identify the next generation of competent investment banking professionals. In 2020 we launched an initiative we which we tagged ”The Morgan and Co Investment Analyst Challenge”. The challenge was designed to test one’s ability to analyse a listed company by using their skills to estimate its basic earnings.